November 2015

LPYSA End of Year Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

  • Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm by President Keith Bohn (KB) at Holiday Inn Express, LaPlata, MD.
  • Prior meeting minutes were not reviewed per group vote.
  • New News
    • USSF national rules changes (age date change, field size, goal size, roster size etc.) and other changes:
      • MSYSA changes will be implemented on 8/1/2016 (fall season) for recreation level
      • Awaiting to hear from MSYSA on Rec Plus and Travel direction
      • There is discussion that Rec Plus may expand to include PG County (part or whole), however this is still in discussion and no decisions have been made at this time

  • Division Reports made by KB
    • Rec
      • It seemed that teams within each age group were closer in skill level, blowouts appeared to decrease.
      • The U18 age group had some issues occur pertaining to the number of girls available to play for each club.  U18 age group are Co-ed which means at least 4 girls are required to be on the field. However, some clubs were not able to consistently have 4 girls available for all the games, thus some clubs were not abiding by the co-ed rules. A change is being made to change U18 to 9v9 so that 2 girls are required to play. This change should help all clubs be able to meet the co-ed rules.
      • It was requested to have an additional Porta John placed at Laurel Springs, Field #5
    • Rec Plus
      • There was seven (7) teams.
      • LPYSA was represented very well this season.  
      • Complaints were made with how Rec Plus was run by St. Mary’s such as scheduling, field locations, referees, website updates. Overall it was poorly run.
      • At this time LPYSA will continue to push St. Mary’s leadership for changes and improvements.
      • Competition remains strong and price is relatively low which still benefits the LPYSA Rec Plus program. 
    • Travel
      • There was five (5) teams.
      • Improvements were made on try-outs, equipment and uniforms.
      • Competition remained strong.  Number of teams seems appropriate based on skill level.
      • No complaints.
      • Some recommendations were made to try and schedule/coordinate try-outs for both Travel and Rec Plus a little better so that we minimize losing players to other clubs.  Possibly move Travel try-outs two weeks prior to spring season ending rather than waiting till season ends.

  • Financial Report made by Mike Moreland:
    • LPYSA 2015 Finance Summary provided to all attendees.
    • All revenue is made via player registration.
    • All expenses itemized.
      • Mixed reviews on the Goal Keeping Training. 
    • Recommendation was made to look into league wide sponsor to help raise money.
    • Recommendation to open up team pictures to Rec Plus and Travel teams.  Possibly add information on website for Rec Plus and Travel teams so that they can individually schedule team pictures if they choose.
  • Fundraising
    • Carrie Holt is heading LPYSA fundraising
    • League is actively looking into increasing fundraising (i.e. restaurants)
    • Recommendation for LPYSA hosting a “skills season” where E-Licensed coaches volunteer to run these sessions.  Interested players would be charged a minimal fee that would go towards league fundraising. 

  • Nominations for this Year’s Officers – Elections are held if Quorum of 46 exists.
    • Vice President – A Quorum of 46 was not present.
    • Secretary – A Quorum of 46 was not present.
    • At Large Board Member – A Quorum of 46 was not present.

  • Q&A
    • Requested LPYSA logo jackets for coaches

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