Keeping The Game A Positive Experience For All

Keeping The Game A Positive Experience For All


It is the policy of LPYSA to not have our rec teams demoralize their opponents by running up the game score. Our soccer club is FOR THE KIDS and winning by more than 5 goals hardly keeps the losing team interested in playing this fine sport. We should be teaching our players to win with honor and to do so without being hurtful to the losing teams or its players. They should respect their opponent and the game. Coaches are asked to control the outcome of each match through a variety of possible methods, for example:

  • Swap out offense for defense
  • Allow only 2 players beyond center field
  • Require 3 consecutive passes before a shot on goal
  • Shots on goal only allowed with non-dominant foot

LPYSA asks that all coaches teach good sportsmanship to their players - it is one aspect of the game they will carry with them through all aspects of life.

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